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Reflections of Life & Death

A new book of poetry from our founding farther Metatron titled 'Reflections of life & Death' is available from Godreah Bandcamp & Amazon.

164 pages paper back

100 poems of life, love, death, heaven and hell

Book of poetry by Metatron (Crin Hawk) vocalist / lyricist with UK metal bands, The Meads of Asphodel & The Wolves of Avalon.

This book of poetry is inspired by many emotions and events that have shaped his life. The love of his parents, wives, and relationships, with the ultimate demise of them all. That in itself creates many of the feelings we all embrace or try to avoid (without success) at some point. With his lyrical insight to the Meads of Asphodel album, The Murder of Jesus the Jew, his agnostic approach to religion reaches its scathing conclusion here.

The approach to the Meads of Asphodel, album, Sonderkommando [about the Holocaust], sent him on journey to Auschwitz, where a deep humbling before a fathomless grief inspired the said lyrics and many of the dark poetry herein. The poetry also lays bare his cynical view of life, people and empathy for nature.

Those familiar with the Meads of Asphodel will know what to expect, but as with this bands curves and blind alleys, they will also find the unexpected.


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