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Meads songsmith J.D. Tait takes the guise of The Baphomet General once again with a free Baphomet's Cunt EP titled '616 Pleasures' & & is available from bandcamp with a physical slipcase version also available. The EP features the track 'Lord of Flatulence' from the forthcoming 3rd album 'A Lecherous God' & is accompanied by a part animated music video (with artwork provided by Metatron). The track is a homage to James Joyce who was an Irish novelist, poet, literary critic & enjoyed a good filthy fart. The lyrics for this song are taken from letters sent to his lover 'Nora Barnacle', whom farts he worshiped. A cartoon version of the video is also available. The EP is finished off with three exclusive tracks, 'You Have to be Cruel to be Cruller', 'Carry on Up the Baphomet' & a Soft Cell cover 'Sex Dwarf' with a guest appearance from Cristina Padovano & has a 'one up from a front cover' video. The full length album will be available from Sat 12th of August & available formats will be CD & limited edition tape. The title 'A Lecherous God' is a reference to the wild forest God Pan. More details & videos on release day.

DIRECT LINK - Lord of Flatulence Video: YouTube Portal - Lord of Flatulence Video:

DIRECT LINK - Lord of Flatulence (Cartoon Version): YouTube Portal - Lord of Flatulence (Cartoon Version):


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