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The first new material in five years will take the shape of a new EP titled 'Tomb Songs from a Dying Bedlamite' & will comprise of fifteen minutes of new material & two quasi-live classic tracks, all accompanied with videos.

The EP will be released as a free digital download (but any donations will be going directly to fund the new album which is now in pre-production) & limited edition cassette tape on Thursday February 1st 2024 via Godreah / Diptera Records & will be available via

The new tracks continue the theme of death from the last album & should serve as a solemn conclusion.

The idea behind the 'Quasi-live' tracks is to emulate what a live performance could sound like & features guest appearances from former Meads skin thumper Urakbaramel, Matthew Garnham on Guitar (Zustand Null / Furious Horde), Azucena performing female vocals & Leviathan on Lead guitar.

A limited edition turquoise cassette tape of x50 (x40 will be available, x10 kept back for band & guests) will come in a green velvet bag & each will come with an individually unique poem / illustration from Metatron & a snazzy J.D. Tait guitar pick.

The first of the two 'Quasi-live' tracks will be unleashed upon the world a couple of weeks before release on Thursday 18th of January.

Track Listing for 'Tomb Songs from a Dying Bedlamite':

1). In the Beginning... (Intro) - 0:45

2). I Have Cancer but at Least I will Die in a Whores Bed - 3:21

3). Infested by Fleas - 5:17

4). Time Kills - 4:12

5). Tomorrow Was Never Here - 2:15

6). Jew Killer (Quasi-Live) - 5:08

7). Creed of Abraham (Quasi-Live) - 6:04

Total Running Time: 27:02


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