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Wolves of Avalon New LP 'Y Gododdin'

Metatron once again joins forces with James 'J.M' Marinos to release the Wolves of Avalon's fourth album 'Y Gododdin'.

Available November 25, 2022 as a digital download & a limited run of 500 black & white splatter vinyl's.

Available for pre-order via Godreah Records:

Also the Wolves have a shiny new Website:

Advancing their journey through British history, 'The Wolves' ride with the northern Gododdin to depict the battle of Catraeth, one of the last conflicts of resistance against the Germanic settlers who massacred the Celtic peoples of what was to become England.

This latest LP sees The Wolves of Avalon once again enlist allies from the Black Metal elite including Tony Dolan (Venom Inc), Hoest (Taake), Wulfstan (Forefather) Nico Millar (Aklash) and Ukranian black metal legend Thurios of Drudkh to battle through five brand new tracks by songsmith James J.M Marinos.


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