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'Sonderkommando' Re-Issued

A CD Re-issue of the 2013 album 'Sonderkommando' is now available (limited to 300), featuring new artwork & two unreleased original bonus tracks.

The new artwork was originally sketched at Auschwitz by Metatron and the oil painting literally copies the sketch to bring the original to life. The sketch Metatron

did was from images he saw whilst in the camp, as well as the feelings he felt. It was never intended to be used until J.D suggested the idea to reflect the

whole release from music / lyrics to art.

The two bonus tracks are taken from the original Sonderkommando writing sessions. The first bonus track 'Beneath the Shower Heads, Thou Totterest on the Brink of Hell' is a

pre-production demo which means it was taken to the point of having Andre's demo drums laid down. The second track 'Life, Love, Hope, Death' was a demo which just missed final

inclusion but did have Metatron's draft vocals recorded.

A Re-Issue of the LP 'The Murder of Jesus the Jew' will also be coming in the near future.

To grab a copy click along to the Godreah Records section of our store.


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