'The Voiceless Dust of Ages'  EP

Limited Edition of 100

Fold Out Maltese Cross Cassette Tape


This limited edition tape features the Meads half of the split cd 'Imperial East-West Onslaught', plus two exclusive bonus tracks.  Comes in a blue velvet pouch & free digital download code. Printing, card & tape are all of a high quality.



All prices included postage.

Track Listing:

1). A Forgotten Key To A Conundrum of Hate - 8:07
2). Gods At War - 4:56
3). The Angel With One Eye - 5:56
4). Hark The Potter’s Field - 7:26

5). Crockett's Theme (Jan Hammer Cover, Bonus Track) - 3:37

6). The Voiceless Dust of Ages (Bonus Track) -  7:04



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