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The Meads of Asphodel believe in all peoples right to live in peace, free from the shackles of inflicted dogma & servitude

June 21, 2019

Unfortunate News: As predictable as ever we have run into some minor problems with pressing (now all resolved), the album release will be delayed
by one to two weeks. As soon as they land in our laps, I will announce the dispatch for pre-orders. Apologies to all for this foul inconvenience.
In the meantime, check out the The Grim Tower interview with Metatron & JD, & check out some of the reviews that have started to appear:


June 2, 2019

The video for 'I'm Running Out of Time Doing Nothing' is now online & available to watch via our You Tube channel or video link on the navigation bar above.  
New album 'Running Out of Time Doing Nothing' released 21/06/2019 - now available for pre-order from the store.


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