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Baphomet's Cunt was born in London, UK in 2008 by The Baphomet General (a.k.a - J.D. Tait - The Meads of Asphodel)  with the aim of exercising the need to create a dark, brutal, filthy & raw sounding project with Black Metal being its core & lyrical themes based around dark disturbing tales from British culture, often of a sexual, historical or political nature.

Originally planned to be three separate projects 'Baphomet's Cunt'(Black), Baphomet's Cock (Death) & Baphomet's Arse (Electronic)' . They would eventually all come together under one name 'This Baphomet'.  After the debut demos came out other projects had taken J.D's focus & the three project idea was abandoned & primarily out of laziness the name 'Baphomet's Cunt' was kept.

The first two track demo 'Filth Perversive' was released in early 2008 & followed quickly in late 2008 by the two track demo 'The Darkness of British Culture'.

Then due to the afore mentioned musical commitments the project was put on a hiatus until 2011 when writing for a new album was completed as well as a new track 'Primeval Empowerment' for the compilation 'UK Black Metal Vol.3'.

In 2012 the debut album 'They Fuck the Wives of Ely' was released in June 2012 with the video single for 'Through Layers of Seething Flesh'. The title for the album is referencing the first known occurrence of the word 'Fuck' in the English language from a coded 15th century poem which features the quote directed toward Monks.

After another lengthy break, again due to other musical commitments 2018 birthed the EP 'Goatgasm' with the video single for 'The Goat Whore Ripper'. The EP had the same old sound but with an added catchiness & explored other minor progressions with an added new lyrical ingredient of self-imagined fiction along with older themes.

October 31st 2020 sees the landing of Baphomet's Cunt second full length album 'The Alluring Old Hag'. Continuing the lyrical themes of sexual darkness the title track is a fusion tale of a dark 18th century Scottish witch ‘Lilias Adie’ whom was sentenced to be burnt for having sex with the Devil but died in jail before sentencing could be carried out. Her face was digitally re-created in 3D by the University of Dundee from the remains of her skull in 2017. This is fictional version of her pre-prison life putting her at the heart of dark sex cult.

2023 & the third album 'A Lecherous God' is released with the title a reference to the Greek God Pan & the song being a stroll through his dark pleasure garden. Other songs feature characters such as James Joyce, Eric Gill & Tiberius Cesar. Other subjects include Sex cults, social commentary & the dark agenda of social engineering. The album was accompanied by a promo EP '616 Pleasures' & videos for 'Lord of Flatulence' & 'Ball Gags & Bull Dog Clips'.

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